Mika Rock

Montreal based 
Birth and Postpartum Doula,
 HypnoBirthing Childbirth
Educator ​and ​Yoga Teacher

About Mika

Since 2002, Mika Rock has devoted her work to support families​​. She is a holistic birth and postpartum Doula and childbirth educator. A Yoga teacher specializing in pelvic floor and hormonal health and wellness. A Shiatsu therapist. Her life and professional experience inspired her to choose to support people in life’s transitions. In her work as a Doula and Yoga teacher she combines her knowledge from her scientific background with her practice and teaching of yoga and mindfulness.


Yoga Neshit

Yoga Nashit Specializes in women wellness, offered in groups, private sessions and workshops. It is a unique Yoga approach, - that offers you an opportunity to cultivate awareness to your individual cycles and changing needs. This gentle Yoga method emphasis hormonal and pelvic floor health. Fostering awareness and understanding of the hormonal changes that have a direct effect on the quality of life at every age. 

Birth Doula

My ultimate goal is a positive transition for the new family, whether it is a your first child or one of many.

I provide continuous physical and emotional support during labor, birth and the postpartum. As part of your birth team I will help you remember to listen to your intuition, trust your body and when needed offer you evidence-based information so that you may navigate these journey with confidence.

Postpartum Doula

I'm here to offer you help to better understand what is important and valued for you in the days and weeks after the birthIf you wish I also offer a care package for the Postpartum period. That includes empathetic emotional support in your transition as a newborn mother,  information that will  support your postpartum healing. I can provide you with infant care and breastfeeding support, with referrals to lactation consultants if needed. 



Mika Rock exudes quiet strength and wisdom. She is unshakably grounded, an exceptionally attentive listener, and has a good head on her shoulders. I really felt nothing could either faze her or elicit judgement from her, and she is naturally very compassionate. This is exactly the person you want to have by your side when going through childbirth.

My birth story would have been traumatic without all the support I had. I went through 36 hours of induced labour (including excruciatingly painful hyper contractions and literally off the charts Pitocin contractions) ending in a C-section, and Mika was there for me every step of the way. Some highlights that stood out were:

- She came over on short notice a few days before the scheduled labour to answer our extra questions about induction
- She empowered me in my decision making during each step of labour
- She offered support to my partner so he could better support me
- Her quick thinking in extracting my colostrum before my surgery so that my baby’s first food would be breast milk
- It was through her clear instructions that my baby finally latched during our postpartum visit
- Her continued support through check-ins and resources beyond the final postpartum visit

Being a Doula is a true calling for Mika and any expecting parents-to-be would be lucky to have her by their side. I highly recommend Mika and would hire her again as my doula in a heartbeat!

Melanie Richards

Mika offers a unique approach to feminine wellness. She has a wealth of experience and brings a inner calm and loving approach to all that she does, both as a yoga teacher and a Doula. I highly recommend her!

Liddy Flewwelling

Mika is an amazing yoga teacher!! With a real focus on women's bodies, she was a wonderful teacher to have post-birth. Her kindness, knowledge and yoga-wisdom made me look forward to each class. She taught me tricks to help me rebuild core-strength. I would highly recommend taking a class with this really special yoga teacher.

Tammy Lu

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