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Mika was an incredible support before, during and after the birth of our baby girl. We instantly felt comfortable with Mika and knew she was the right person to share this most vulnerable journey with. I can truly say I had a very positive birth experience and this is in large part thanks to Mika.

Jaimie Robson

What is a Doula? 

Doulas are trained childbirth companions who provide birth givers with continuous physical and emotional comfort and support throughout childbirth and postpartum. Doula (pronounced “doola”) is a Greek word meaning “caregiver.”  This age-old tradition is making a comeback to cultures around the globe offering families support to have the most positive birth and  parenting  experience possible.


When you decide to hire a Doula, She will support you in however you envision giving birth. supporting you every step of your journey to help you give birth YOUR own way.  

"A comprehensive review published by the Cochrane Library, one of the best sources of evidence-based healthcare in the world, concluded that having a Doula present at the birth increases your odds of satisfying childbirth experience."

Birth Doula Packages

  • Email and text support throughout your pregnancy

  • Two Prenatal meetings 

  • Around the clock on-call availability beginning at 38 weeks

  • Genuine, presence and support throughout labor and birth

  • A back-up Doula.

  • One Postpartum session over the days that follow the birth

  • You may choose to add Prenatal meetings for $100 each

  • A.C.N.N (Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists. of Canada) Naturopath receipts can be provided for insurance purposes

  • During the COVID 19 pandemic, the are periods of time. Labour and birth support is offered virtually.

  • Receive a $25 gift certificate towards a portrait session with Tanis Saucier Photography.


1249$ CAN + optional 100$ per additional parental meeting

Basic Package 

Ideal for clients with past birthing experience or for families hiring a Doula at the last minute, however, it is available at any time during your pregnancy if you feel that it is the best option for you. 


This Package includes:

  • Email and text support throughout your pregnancy

  • One Prenatal Meeting

  • Around the clock on-call availability beginning at 38 weeks

  • Genuine, presence and support throughout labor and birth

  • A back-up Doula and one Postpartum session over the days that follow the birth

  • A.C.N.N ( Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada) Naturopath receipts can be provided for insurance purposes​.

  • During the COVID 19 pandemic, the are periods of time. Labour and birth support is offered virtually.


1100$ CAN

Essentials Package 


This is what you can expect while working together:






​Free Initial Consultation: 

Before booking any of our packages please contact me to book a consultation. The consultation is free of charge and will be a  45min meeting at a Café, or your home.  This is the time for you and your partner (if applicable) to understand the role of a Doula and how I can best assist you throughout your pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum. We will go over any questions/thoughts/concerns you or your partner may have. Its also a great chance to tune in to your intuition and decide if we are a good fit.


​Parental Meetings:      

Prenatal meetings, are were we meet in person or on Zoom and talk about how you envision your birth, your goals, hopes, priorities. We can create a wish list of the things that are important for you during labor and birth. As your Doula I will support you in any  choices you make for your birth.  You can set your intentions and take time to understand how you best flow with change and what support you envision will be most helpful for you. As birth mostly unfolds in ways that are far from what we can ever think or imagine... It's a  great opportunity to raise any concerns or fears you and your partner may have.  We will also talk about your Postpartum period and how you can create a plan for the first weeks of parenting a new born, we can also take time to focus on who could be available and how you would like to ask your village of support to show up for you. 

The Birth: 

Each birth is a unique event, as your Doula I'm here to support you and your family to have the most positive birth experience YOUR way. I offer you around the clock on-call availability beginning at 38 weeks. (This means you can call me 24/7 the moment you think birth has started).

I will be available by phone and text in the first early stage of birth and join you once active labor has begun and support you throughout labor and birth, physically emotionally and mentally. I will stay with you after the birth until your family feels settled and peaceful.  If due to COVID 19 I will need to support you virtually. We will take the time to understand. What that entails. (I have gained  lot's of experience in supporting many birth's virtually since March 2020)

​Postpartum Session: 

A postpartum session is part of the birth Doula packages, it is a time to reconnect after the birth and to hear all about your first days of being newborn parents! You are welcome to share your birth story in as much detail that is relevant for you. We can see if there is any gap you would like to fill in together. I'm also happy to assist with baby care tips and offer you tips to support your healing. I can help with breastfeeding and if needed refer you to a lactation consultant. In the first days and weeks after giving birth and coming home with your baby. I'm available for you by phone and text. I know that having a neutral, non judgmental support during this time can go a long way in finding your family path.

I truly believe that a having a Doula available for every mother and family is a basic right. If you or someone you know is in need of Doula care, please contact me and we will work out a payment plan.
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