Mika is a skilled listener and an essential ally for anyone who is planning a hospital birth. She helped us understand and navigate a process full of complications. Her communication skills brings the best out of everyone who is there to support the mother; tired fathers, concerned family members, impatient nurses. I witnessed everyone who came into contact with her felt heard and respected which had an incredibly calming effect. She has experience and knowledge to know what to do in any situation, which is so important when you don’t even know what questions to ask. I can not recommend her enough as a doula. Her work is not just a job, she’s present with her mind, spirit and heart.

Maya Ersen

Mika Rock exudes quiet strength and wisdom. She is unshakably grounded, an exceptionally attentive listener, and has a good head on her shoulders. I really felt nothing could either faze her or elicit judgement from her, and she is naturally very compassionate. This is exactly the person you want to have by your side when going through childbirth.

My birth story would have been traumatic without all the support I had. I went through 36 hours of induced labour (including excruciatingly painful hyper contractions and literally off the charts Pitocin contractions) ending in a C-section, and Mika was there for me every step of the way. Some highlights that stood out were:

- She came over on short notice a few days before the scheduled labour to answer our extra questions about induction
- She empowered me in my decision making during each step of labour
- She offered support to my partner so he could better support me
- Her quick thinking in extracting my colostrum before my surgery so that my baby’s first food would be breast milk
- It was through her clear instructions that my baby finally latched during our postpartum visit
- Her continued support through check-ins and resources beyond the final postpartum visit

Being a Doula is a true calling for Mika and any expecting parents-to-be would be lucky to have her by their side. I highly recommend Mika and would hire her again as my doula in a heartbeat!

Melanie Richards

Mika was our doula this past June 2018. I can't imagine how we would have done it without her! Mika was a calm, knowledgeable and nonjudgemental support throughout the pregnancy and birth. She was a great teammate to my partner during the late night labour. When my labour quickly accelerated, she knew just when to get the medical team into the room. Having a doula during such a major physical and emotional transition is a great way to set yourself up for a healthy and positive birth and postpartum experience. Thank you Mika!

Jillian Witt

Mika was an outstanding support and an essential part of our son’s birth. She embodies exactly the presence I needed during delivery: calm, caring, strong, and an advocate for our needs and desires. My labor progressed quickly, and Mika was able to support me and my husband and ensure that the experience still unfolded with our wishes at the forefront. She also helped me to manage my anxiety around a postpartum complication, which was an immense help to me. Our entire family is grateful to Mika for her professionalism and compassion — we couldn’t have been in better hands!

Catherine Mullen

Mika was an incredible support before, during and after the birth of our baby girl. We instantly felt comfortable with Mika and knew she was the right person to share this most vulnerable journey with. I can truly say I had a very positive birth experience and this is in large part thanks to Mika. Mika carries a calm sense of reassurance with her which gave me the boost of confidence I needed to stay with my wishes and decisions all along the way. Mika never wavered in her presence during the 28 hours she spent with us at the hospital. She knew intuitively when to be hands on and when to give space. She also had natural methods which were effective in helping the baby descend further in order to accelerate the long birth. Her acupressure and massage knowledge was very helpful in managing the intensity of the experience. I especially appreciated having the opportunity to follow up with Mika after the birth. The hospital staff change so frequently during a birth that both my partner and I found Mika’s continuity in presence during and after to be a great comfort. Thank you Mika!

Jaimie Robson

Mika is an incredible doula. She brings a deep, grounding presence, a smile and warmth to all that she does. She's got stamina and she is incredibly consistent -- she stuck it out with us through a 40 hour labour! She's also extremely knowledgeable, gentle and generous. Being a doula is clearly a spiritual calling for Mika. And she really goes above and beyond to support families not just leading up to and during birth, but in the steep learning curve of breastfeeding and parenting in the weeks following.

One thing that Mika models so well is how to work with anxiety in the context of birth and parenting, both through somatic awareness, and through empowered choice and action. She's a problem solver, and she knows how to invite birthing mamas into finding their own power, even when difficulties arise. She is deeply present, but will never impose herself. She has an intimate understanding and trust of the transformative process of birth. She is also pragmatic and a great resource for supporting you in evidence-based learning and decision-making as a parent. I can't say enough good things about Mika! Even in these times of physical distancing I have no doubt that Mika's presence would be a huge support to birthing mothers and their partners. Thank you Mika, for all you have given me and my family. You helped me to birth my son, as well as myself as a mother, and our family. Working with you has been a huge blessing!

Rebekah Hart

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