Birth Affirmations

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

In my birth Doula work I witness the diversity of birth.

I get to discover and celebrate first hand how every birth is unique, each birth experience is different.

When in support of a person in labor, I tune in and listen, taking the time to resonate with their individual experience.

When present with birth as it unfolds, birth affirmations emerge inspired by the immense power and magnificent beauty that is birth.


* I allow birth to happen

* I transcend my limits by letting go, I grow into a new form and level of understanding

* My baby and I are a team

* One breath at a time one surge at a time

* With every contraction learn how to relax into the intensity


* In every moment I became curious and notice the surge that is happening now, I observe the textures and changing sensations

* When I don't know what to do I pause and take the time to let the answer emerge

* I trust that in every experience that unfolds, I can observe and find my truth

* I find my approach in every moment, I learn to master every step

* I find my voice of power, over and over again

* I accept myself just the way I am in this moment

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