Birth your way

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

What are the ingredients of an empowered birth?

When you start thinking about it there are some basic components that when present they create a synergy that set you up for an empowered birth experience.

How birth giving will actually be in real time will be completely different at every unique labour and birth.

You’re life’s story, where you are in your life on the day giving birth, you’re beliefs and your values all matter. They all give a flavor to how you will show up during that time.

Here are some ideas to what ingredients you can add to create the environment that will best support you:

*Surround yourself with positive birth story’s.

*Tap into the wisdom and experience of past birth givers.

* Learn and build up your knowledge and understanding of what birth is for you.

* Trust you’re body’s innate wisdom to give birth.

* In what ever place you have chosen to give birth. Hospital, birthing center or home. Create the setting where you can feel as calm, as safe and as confident as possible.

*Learn an try out different tools that can be available to support you during labour and birth.

* Have a person on your birth support team that can offer you, continuity of care. This  allows you to know that you’re birth preferences and your background is known to the extent that you’re interested in and that you are fully respected.

* Be supported by an experienced team that you trust. Where interventions of any kind are introduced only if medically necessary.

* Any form of support during your labour and birth is offered only with your consent.

This includes touch, moving into a different  position or even talking to you during a surge.

* You know that you are seen heard and acknowledged every step of the way.

This and more will create the environment that enhance the secretion of Oxytocin the hormone of intimacy, bonding and birth to flow freely.

What would you add from you’re experience?

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