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How many more surges will get me to 10cm?

Updated: Sep 6

How many more surges will get me to 10cm?

How long will it take for my baby to descend and be born? Or in our current collective labour how long is this pandemic going to last?

I don’t remember any lessons in school that didn’t teach us to find the right answer to a question. It was first in 2002 when I was studying Zen Shiatsu, a Japanese massage therapy. That I experienced sitting with open questions and embracing the ability to actually rest in not knowing the exact answer. This literally changed my life! When I was studying to become a science teacher. I remember the zoology books in the library helped me realize that they only mention what we know about our fellow animals and in most cases it’s surprisingly not much. When I was pregnant in 2008 I was reintroduced to Yoga through prenatal Yoga. This opened up an inquiry ground, that connected me to the ability to be with my body. To find places in me that embrace not knowing. What happens to me when I’m told that the answer to a question is unknown. What thoughts, feelings or bodily sensations do I encounter? I find that often my first reaction was to tense up. Over the years I’ve learned that in the moment of not knowing there are many ways to actually find the opposite in me, to find a place to soften and let go. Labour and birth are not a cognitive action that we can think up a solution to and have control over. They bring us into our body and invite us to look at our relationship with the unknown.
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