How do YOU climb a mountain?

In a different chapter of my life I was a hiking guide, leading groups on all kind of journeys in different terrains from dessert to wood lands. Sleeping in the million star hotel under the open vastness of the sky.

My love and connection with nature and adventure have not dwindled since, through since becoming a parent they have defiantly changed form.

Hi, I'm Mika Rock, a mother of two, a partner, a daughter, a sister, a friend.

A Montreal based Birth and postnatal Doula, a Yoga teacher, a Shiatsu therapist, a former hiking guide, certified science teacher and educator. Passionate about everything to do with birth & parenting.

One of the elements I observed and understood as a hiking guide is that there are countless ways we can approach climbing a mountain. Going up hill is a BIG thing no matter how you look at it, it's heard work!

How do you approach a mountain? Is it a workout, a challenge, an opportunity for inner growth? Yes climbing can be a spiritual experience...

Some will choose not to do it (in my book that is a great choice like any other)!

But if you are going for it, sometimes even with out planing, how would you get to the summit?

Will you try to sprint fast with out stopping? Will you plan stops for a drinks on the way and rest, or only stop when your exhausted? How do you think you will find the pace that works for you?

In many ways I see climbing a mountain, just like parenting it's an evolving experience that invites you to constantly find your unique approach. When you finely think you got it, there is always a new phase or obstacle in your way and supersize, you need to take the time to figure it out again!

This blog is going to be about birth, parenting and Yoga. Three worlds that are in my heart. Hope you will join me for this climb.

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