Yoga Ayurveda and Your Monthly Cycle

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

On the second weekend of Feb 2020, we had the pleasure of offering a workshop at Expo Yoga that is so dear to our hearts: Yoga Ayurveda and Your Monthly Cycle. We set our intimate group into a circle, turned down the lights, and guided them through a gentle yet dynamic asana practice which represented the entire month’s cycle…

Let’s open a doorway together on our human journey. A doorway to ancient wisdom of the Gunas and where this philosophy meets our monthly cycle. We invite you to come with curiosity and openness as we weave together the wisdom of the Gunas with our innate wisdom of our menstrual cycle. The cyclical rhythm, the unique ebb and flow each of us experiences each month.

We become aware of the gunas when we witness the fluctuations of our mind and its constant change. Yoga sutra of patanjali verse 1.2 “Citta vritti nirodhaha“ - “Yoga quiets the fluctuations of the mind.”

Our menstrual cycle begins Day One on the first day of our menstrual bleeding.

During menstruation it’s important to modify your yoga practice and your daily rhythms--slow and close to the ground. Apana (downward energy) cleansing is strong in your body right now. Hormones of the past month are flushed. This is dream time. Time to understand the month that passed and set intentions for the next month’s cycle. Allowing for new energy to slowly form. And for you to be connected with your true Self.

On the days leading towards ovulation you will feel a surge of energy from the secretion of the hormon Estrogen from your ovaries. Which will support the build up of the Rajasic phase leading to ovulation.

After ovulation Progesterone becomes the dominant hormone in our body. Progesterone is a hormone which encourages introspection and sensitivity. Tamas Guna.

In the two weeks, 14 days between ovulation and menstruation. Many experience being off-balance and PMS symptoms. When practicing yoga we focus on balancing poses and forward bends that support the gathering of our senses inwards and quieting the mind. Balancing the Tamas.

As a new cycle begins on day one of the next menstrual cycle, each bleed is a time to cleanse your body, releasing the hormones from the past months cycle. Opening the vale to a direct connection to your true self to your inner wisdom. Sattva.

In a bird's eye, for 35-40 years of our lives we get to be accompanied by our cycles. During menstruation we get an insight to the clarity and quiet with our inner wise one. In post Menopause, the hormonal roller coaster and vail withdraw for good. When meet with awareness this time in life becomes the age of wisdom…

The menstrual cycle is an analogy of our intuitive wisdom. The ebb and flow of ideas, dreams, and creativity. Every menstruation is an opportunity to pay attention to the signs of our body. How does the period start and how does it end? Are the changes accompanied by pain or discomfort? Is everything flowing without interruption?

Menstrual days the days we bleed regulate the month that passed and the month to come. Menstruation gives you a time to re-organize your life. We learn to listen to change, to adapt the yoga practice to the change and adapt the changes to our lives.

Please stay tuned for the announcement of future workshops on this subject. We cannot wait to share with you this important, ancient, intuitive wisdom.

Love Mika and Jenny

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