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Doula Circle

In 2022, I came together with a wonderful group of Montreal doulas and practitioners to create the Doula Circle. Regardless of whether you need birth doula, postpartum doula support or holistic care, you’ll find just the right fit for you in our Doula Circle. No matter if you choose to give birth in the hospital, in a birthing center or at home, we here to support you and your family in birthing your way.

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Nourish Prenatal Classes

Nourish - Birth and parenting Montreal prenatal classes. In these Fun, engaging, evidence-based, informed-choice centered classes, we will answer all your birth-related questions in an educational and respectful way. All questions are welcome in this comfortable and inclusive learning environment!

*Offered in group, private and semi-private class formats. 

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Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing® supports us through the Autonomic Nervous System's intrinsic capacity to self-regulate and heal, helping us move towards a greater feeling of aliveness, acceptance, and connection. Somatic Experiencing sessions are for you if you want to feel more at ease in your body during your pregnancy and/or to prep yourself to feel more embodied and safe during labour and birthing. After giving birth, Somatic Birth Integration sessions can help you make sense of and support your overall healing in relation to your birthing experience. 

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Based on the Mongan Method, Hypnobirthing® classes will teach you and your partner how to enter a state of deep relaxation, summon your natural birthing instincts and birth your baby safely and with more ease. Learn how proven tools such as self-hypnosis, breathing, visualization, affirmation, massage and acupressure can help you get into a comfortable state of relaxation.

*Next group class starts Sep 2023

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Doula Mentorship

I am so excited to be able to offer mentorship to aspiring doulas. It’s my humble way of giving back and sharing my learnings with other birth workers who are passionate about providing evidence-based and intuitive care for families.

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