Prenatal yoga

Prenatal Yoga is a class series specifically designed for your journey of pregnancy and birth. The classes interweave childbirth education as well as addressing therapeutic applications – common aches and pains. Linking yoga postures with the breath, mindful movement and meditation will lead you to new discoveries and bring awareness to your mind, body and spirit, and strengthen your connection with your baby.

Cultivate and honor the power and strength that you have within. You possess an innate wisdom that intuitively understands the very natural process of pregnancy and birth. We honor your unique journey and the choices that you take for your pregnancy and birth.

Postnatal yoga series 

Postnatal yoga yoga is a gentle yoga class, which offers a nurturing experience for both mom and baby*.

In a flexible atmosphere, the class sessions are divided among time spent on gentle and strengthening yoga postures for Mom, 
based on core element strength and flexibility with an important focus on strengthening the pelvic floor muscles after birth. 
We will also give time to focus on beneficial yoga and massage for baby.  

This 6 week class series is a time for bonding between mother and child. It is also a wonderful opportunity to have fun and have a social experience that brings new moms together.

We will invite you to have some herbal tea, You will have time to share your experience of pregnancy and giving birth in a way that is most relevant for you. It is also a time that allows you to feel all the big emotions of postpartum in a safe space.We can offer you a guided meditation or creative intention setting.You will be invited to lay on a comfortable surface and we will wrap your body in Ribuso shawls.