Yoga Nashit

Yoga Nashit by Mira Artzi Padan is a unique yoga method that specializes in woman's health & wellness. Yoga Nashit is adapted to the constant changes in a woman's body along the different phases of her life. This unique gentle yoga method emphasis hormonal and pelvic floor health. Yoga Nashit focuses on dynamic postural health, fostering awareness and understanding of the hormonal changes that have a direct effect on the quality of life at every age. Yoga Nashit can help women cope better with diverse health issues such as; Pelvic floor health, Fertility issues, Menstrual health, Menopause, Fatigue, Migraines and more. Yoga Nashit also offers a unique approach to Prenatal & Postnatal yoga, specifically tailored for the journey of pregnancy, birth and beyond. Mika trained in Yoga Nashit with Mira Artzi Padan, and she has been supporting women in her work as a yoga teacher since 2009

Private Yoga Sessions

Private session in person or online. If  you’re looking for a private sessions tailored specifically for you and your needs - A private Yoga with Mika Rock may be the right choice for you. Yoga Nashit can support you on your journey with any of the following issues: Difficulties associated with pelvic floor disorders, Menstrual cycle issues such as PMS, menstrual irregularities, Fertility issues, Fluctuations in hormone levels associated with menopause or other women's health issues. In these sessions, we will address conditions that are unique to you, that may be better discussed one-on -one than in a group. Or you may simply be looking for a private Yoga session tailored to you. You will be able to better understand your body and connect with your inner stability and strength. Private sessions are available at Vidalia Yoga (Villa-Maria Metro), At your Home or online world wide. Sessions are offered in English or in Hebrew. They are 60 - 90 min. 

Fertility Yoga

Fertility Yoga with Clearlight Gerald and Mika Rock.

Fertility Yoga is an effective and powerful way to directly reduce stress, which supports the softening of physical and emotional tension in the body and mind. Not only does the reduction of chronic stress improve our overall health but it also invites hormonal balance, and has been known to improve our receptivity to hormonal support.  Fertility Yoga is offered in a series of private meetings with each session being tailored to your own individual needs and circumstances. 

Personalized sessions of yoga and meditation will help you navigate the journey of fertility with a greater sense of wellbeing, and offer you the opportunity to gather individually tailored practices and tools to reduce stress and to support you in meeting the challenges that are so normally encountered along the way. To bring greater ease and balance to support you on this journey – all in perfect harmony with the stages of the fertility support you are receiving.

Yoga Workshops

Fall and Winter 2019-2020 Yoga workshop's.

I'm exited to be Co-Teaching Yoga workshops again with my dear friend and colleague Jenny Bee Yoga this fall and winter

Your welcome to visit this page for more info!


Let’s host a Yoga Nashit workshop! I’d love to offer you and your community a unique and useful embodied experiences. Contact me to discuss your studio’s needs. 

Mika, you were a joy to receive. We feel you have such strong knowledge of the science of women’s health and well-being. You share with confidence and tenderness the deep roots and connexions of yoga with self-knowing of our bodies. You have been one of favourite guests, for all! Thank you for being a beautiful inspiration and a generous soul!

Celine Gingras, from Yoga Della Vie


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