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Doula Circle

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In 2022, I came together with a wonderful group of Montreal doulas to create the Doula Circle. Regardless of whether you need birth doula or postpartum doula support, you’ll find just the right fit for you in our Doula Circle. No matter if you choose to give birth in the hospital, in a birthing center or at home, we here to support you and your family in birthing your way.

Kind Words

"We don't have any family here so it was scary to feel alone in this. As soon as we got in touch with you my heart felt full of hope and good feelings because we knew that there is someone we really trust with us."


"We had a birth with

some challenges, Mika was right there talking me through it, holding my hand. When I was at my most vulnerable Mika was right there with me, supporting me, believing in me, she looked into my eyes and told me that I can do this. I believe that that's what gave me the confidence to believe in my body and my baby."

Empower your birth experience with the support of a doula from our circle!
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Mika exuded such a calming, supportive and grounding presence throughout my pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience. She provided all the information and guidance needed leading up to the birth of our daughter and throughout labor she stayed by my side providing a vast toolkit of techniques to ease the process both mentally and physically. Our birthing experience would not have been the same without her!

Mika also followed up regularly postpartum to check in and provide warmth and love during the first weeks with baby. She was an incredible support with breastfeeding and provided valuable techniques to better the experience. So much love and admiration for her!!

Emma Houghton
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Mika supported our family through the birth of our daughter by c-section in 2020 and then our son by VBAC in 2022. Her presence and guidance enhanced both experiences and we would even go as far to say made our VBAC possible and successful! Mika is a master in pain management and her years of experience working side by side doctors and nurses allows her to be a sort of medical translator, explaining to us what was happening and what was to be expected at every turn. We found this extremely reassuring and kept us relaxed in an environment where things happen fast and decisions need to made promptly. No matter what was happening, we knew she had our backs! We highly recommend her to any family looking for support during this exciting time. Thank you Mika ❤️🙂

Carmen Rose
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Mika was always available to answer our questions quickly and help us make decisions. She was an essential part of our birthing journey and helped me achieve my dream birth. She also has many ressources and contacts that helped prepare us for our big day. Thank you Mika for your kindness and your generosity in sharing your knowledge ♥️ The birth of our baby girl wouldn’t have been the same without you xox

Sarah Rassi
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Hiring Mika was the best decision we made as first-time parents wanting the most positive and natural birth experience possible. She was invaluable in helping us navigate the medical system and during the birth itself she was an incredible steady presence and guide. She exceeded our expectations in every way with her knowledge, kindness and generosity. We cannot recommend her enough.

Chloe Waretini
Melanie Richards
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Mika Rock exudes quiet strength and wisdom. She is unshakably grounded, an exceptionally attentive listener, and has a good head on her shoulders. I really felt nothing could either faze her or elicit judgement from her, and she is naturally very compassionate. This is exactly the person you want to have by your side when going through childbirth.

My birth story would have been traumatic without all the support I had. I went through 36 hours of induced labour (including excruciatingly painful hyper contractions and literally off-the-charts Pitocin contractions) ending in a C-section, and Mika was there for me every step of the way. Some highlights that stood out were:

She came over on short notice a few days before the scheduled labour to answer our extra questions about induction She empowered me in my decision-making during each step of labour ✽She offered support to my partner so he could better support me Her quick thinking in extracting my colostrum before my surgery so that my baby’s first food would be breast milk It was through her clear instructions that my baby finally latched during our postpartum visit Her continued support through check-ins and resources beyond the final postpartum visit

Being a Doula is a true calling for Mika and any expecting parents-to-be would be lucky to have her by their side. I highly recommend Mika and would hire her again as my doula in a heartbeat!

Kurt Tropiano
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Birth is an amazing experience with so many shifts and changes energetically, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Having that person in your birth team that is able to hold space with their beautiful energy, listen and guide gently with wisdom for the greatest good of the mother and family is priceless. Mika was that person for us.


We resonated with Mika straight away and she had a wonderful impact on our birth experience. Throughout the pregnancy, she helped to listen to and hold space for fears to be shared and alchemized without agenda or judgment. This was the same in labour, when she came to the house and created such a beautifully held space for my wife to be held and supported with love and motherly energy. The whole energy of the room shifted to become beautiful and calm when Mika came and everything felt safe and sacred. What we loved most about Mika is the language that she speaks, her beautiful energy that comes from her big heart, the way that she listens so well, and her wisdom in the way she would guide us.


We are so grateful to have had Mika as our doula and I could not speak higher of her. Mika will be forever and always, our doula

Let's explore how a doula can bring you calm and confidence to your birthing journey!
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