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Doula Circle

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In 2022, I came together with a wonderful group of Montreal doulas to create the Doula Circle. Regardless of whether you need birth doula or postpartum doula support, you’ll find just the right fit for you in our Doula Circle. No matter if you choose to give birth in the hospital, in a birthing center or at home, we here to support you and your family in birthing your way.

Montreal Prenatal Classes

Couple sitting on a couch with a pregnant wife

Fun, engaging, evidence-based, informed- choice centered classes.

Learn about holistic labour coping techniques that help you with the intensity of labour


Understand how to make informed choices during pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum


Get all your questions answered in a respectful, judgment-free space

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Birth and Parenting Classes


Are you looking for prenatal classes that will answer all your birth and parenting-related questions in a fun and empowering way?

During labour, you will likely need to make significant choices. Learn how to create your safe and gentle space to make the best decision for you, your baby and your family. We’re here, to support you in building a secure foundation for the challenging and magical journey ahead, beginning with stepping into parenthood with growing confidence.

We’ve put together a comprehensive prenatal curriculum that will prepare you for what to expect in labour, birth, and early parenting. All questions are welcomed in this comfortable and relaxed learning environment!

We are a registered nurse, that is also an IBCLC lactation consultant and a doula

coming together with an experienced birth doula and childbirth educator.

Together, we bring you our unique and complementary skills, so you have the benefit of our expansive scope for your journey forward. No matter if you choose to give birth in a hospital, birthing center, or at home, or if you are hoping to have an unmedicated or medicated birth or are in need of a cesarean, we are here help you prepare every step of the way.

Why Choose Nourish Birth and  Parenting Classes?

Informative &
Inclusive Classes

Learn how to prepare for giving birth your way, regardless of how or where you choose to give birth. Our role is to support you in finding your path and answering your questions so that you can feel informed and supported about your choices.

Real-Life &
Interactive Examples

To really prepare for birth and postpartum, it takes more than reading guides and checklists. Based on real-life examples and interactive exercises, you will learn how to really feel prepared for giving birth – However it shows up for you. As well as understand and follow your baby's innate needs and abilities.

Holistic Labour
Management  Strategies

Gain a deeper understanding about how to follow your body's birth instincts and learn pain coping strategies to soften into the intensity of labour during each of its stages. Learn about the power of endorphin baths, breathing techniques, yoga, acupressure, rebozo, visualization, somatic awareness, aromatherapy and affirmations.

In-Depth Knowledge About the Birth World

We bring you our knowledge from our extensive collective experience in the Montreal birth world and beyond. Mika, having supported over 145 (and counting) families as their birth doula, has learned a thing or two
about what really matters when you give birth. Gabriela, as a perinatal nurse, lactation consultant, and doula, brings her many perspectives and experiences of supporting growing families in Montreal.

Confidence Beyond Birth 

Preparing for birth is one thing, but preparing for what comes after is just as important. Understand
what to expect during the first few weeks with a new baby so that you can begin your parenting journey with more knowledge and confidence. Learn about newborn care and hygiene, postnatal healing, adapting to life after baby and how to build your village. No matter if you choose to breastfeed/chestfeed, exclusively pump, formula-feed or adopt a mixed-feeding approach,

your wishes will be honoured.

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A pregnant belly with the map of the world drawn on it

Group Prenatal Classes 


Sign up for Group classes where you will feel supported and empowered. Get to know other couples giving birth around the same time as you. Start building your village! 

Location: Held online via Zoom

Class structure: 

4 sessions, 2.5 hours each - total of 10 hours

2 weekday evenings 6:30 pm - 9 pm +

2 Sundays brunch 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Group class dates:

September: Dates

  Thu 14th ,21st evening, 6:30 pm - 9 pm

  Sun 17th, 24th brunch, 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

November: Dates

  Thu 16th ,23th evening, 6:30 pm - 9 pm

  Sun 19rd, 26h brunch, 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Links will be provided upon registration.

 Price: $315+tax *(maximum 8 couples)

Private & Semi-private
Prenatal Classes 


Sign up for Private classes where you can feel  supported in a more personalized way. These can be more tailored to your schedule, questions and individual context.

Location: These can be held in person in the comfort of your home or via Zoom.

Class structure: 

4 sessions, 2.5 hours each - total 10 hours

Price: $795+tax 

Sign up for a Semi-Private classes and you can benefit from the flexibility of a private class while enjoying learning with a friend. Or get to know a new friend that is expecting a baby around the time you are! 

Location: Held in person at one of the homes or online via Zoom. Scheduling will be done in accordance to
everyone’s availabilities. 

Class structure:

4 sessions, 2.5 hours each - total 10 hours

Price: $395+tax/family

Here are some of our favorites questions we will be answering at our prenatal classes:


How will I know if I’m really in labour? When will my water break?

When do I need to make my way to the hospital/ birthing center? What do I need to pack?

What about induction? When is it necessary?

Am I allowed to eat?

Will I really be pooping during labour?

What about the pros and cons of epidurals? 

What’s the best window to get one?

How can I try to minimize tearing?


How can I support my healing after giving birth?

How can I prepare for breastfeeding/lactation?


How do I know my baby is getting enough?

When may a caesarean be necessary?

How can my partner help with breastfeeding?

How do I pickup a newborn safely?

How can I soothe my baby?

And many more...

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As first-time parents, we decided to take the Nourish prenatal classes to better prepare ourselves for welcoming our baby. They were recommended to us by our doula, Mika, and we couldn't be more pleased with her recommendation. The quality of the content provided during the courses far exceeded our expectations. The topics covered were comprehensive and diverse, ranging from physical and mental preparation for childbirth to the partner's and support team's role, medical interventions and the issue of consent, breastfeeding, returning home, postpartum care, breastfeeding and more. We were impressed by the thoroughness and scientific basis of the information shared.

The classes were conducted remotely, but we were pleasantly surprised by the intimate atmosphere and safe space that were created. We felt comfortable sharing our concerns
and questions. Gabriela and Mika effectively communicated the information and took the time to provide detailed answers. The warm and caring personalities of Mika and Gabriela also made each session very enjoyable to attend! We also appreciated the follow-up provided after each class and the additional resources shared to ensure we

were fully equipped. The expertise, dedication, and compassionate approach of Mika and Gabriela have been invaluable in our journey of preparing for birth and parenthood, and this is why we wholeheartedly recommend the Nourish prenatal classes to all new parents without hesitation!

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Valerie and Axel
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