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About Me

Hey again,                               My mission is to support your family in all areas of your path towards parenthood – from prenatal education to birth doula support as well as guidance and somatic experiencing and birth integration, whether you’re in pregnancy, postpartum or recently stepped into parenthood.

I'm currently taking a sabbatical and not taking on new families and clients

As birth doula and founder of the Doula Circle, I am honored to be serving birthing families like yours alongside a wonderful team of passionate doulas in the Greater Montreal area.

Mika Here!

My Approach

Growing up, my father was a scientist, and my mother a pioneering holistic psychotherapist. What a combo!

Whenever I was sick, my mother used to press on my feet, helping me heal with reflexology. This was in the early ’80s. In our home, discussions about scientific versus holistic ways of thinking were regular conversations at the dinner table.

Over the years, I’ve studied, certified, and gained hands-on experience in both worlds, and have been drawn to finding the places where the holistic and the scientific are complementary.

To me, it is important to acknowledge and honor each of the 3 elements that are available to us:


The scientific / medical angle, providing us with evidence-based information and when needed lifesaving interventions.

The intuitive / holistic angle, allowing us to tap into our intuition and connecting with ourselves and our baby in deeper ways.

The great mystery, inviting us to welcome the unknown with curiosity and trust.

Birth a Sacred Journey

Mother holding a newborn baby

“Birth is a sacred journey. It’s a rhythmic dance. An opportunity for growth and deep transformation for a lifetime.”

Mika Rock

My work is deeply rooted in the sacred journey of matrescence, the gradual process of a woman, birthing person becoming a mother a parent.

It’s a beautifully raw process that takes time. A journey to wholeness as we move through life’s intricate stages. An exploration of our inner self. A rite of passage.

My deep fascination with birth has inspired me over the years to hone my skills is a variety of complementary areas: prenatal and postnatal yoga, shiatsu, pelvic floor and hormonal wellness, homeopathy, prenatal educationHypnoBirthing®, meditation and Somatic Eexperiencing.

Intuitive Support
& Presence

Mika and a new monther in a hospital

Beyond the various tools I offer, one of the languages I am most fluent in is non-verbal communication.

When I support a family as their birth doula, I let my intuition take the lead, attentively listening to what is shared with me, focusing on talking less and being more in loving present instead. This allows me to really tap into a person’s nervous system and their magnificence to support them in ways that are most effective and gentle for them.

Most recently, I have also become a mentor for other birth doulas seeking gentle guidance, practical advice and companionship as they look to enhance their knowledge and find their unshakeable center and confidence.

I support families in person in Greater Montreal as well as virtually around the globe.

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Mika became the advisor/confidant/friend/supporter/guiding light/and guru that we needed, particularly at a time when other people couldn’t be there to help out. Hers was the voice of assurance that helped us make so many decisions and allowed us to feel confident in our path. The attention and care that she showered on us made us feel like we had a whole village helping us out.

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Sarah Kemerer
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Mika’s Expertese Background


Certified Holistic Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula with MBC 

Certified HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator

Certified Yoga teacher specializing in women’s health and wellness


Certified Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga teacher 

Certified Shiatsu therapist

Registered Naturopath with a Membership at the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada*


Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) in third year of training

Was a member of the board of the Quebec Association of Doulas (AQD)

Bachelor’s Degree in Education

Certified Science Teacher

*Naturopath receipts for insurance purposes are available for all Mika's private services

7 Reasons to Work with Mika


Knowledge & Experience

Having supported over 160 (and counting) families as their birth doula, I have extensive knowledge about birth in all its facets (hospital births, birthing centers, home births). In 2022,
I founded a team of doulas called the ‘Doula Circle'. We are a team of passionate doulas that are coming together to support each other in community to better serve the community of families we support.


Presence & Intuition

I am present in the moment, not just to allow things to unfold naturally but also to facilitate and offer co-regulation with the families I work with. I have become intuitively connected to labour and birth and the intricacies of our nervous system, helping families tap into their somatic awareness, moving through labour with less stress, anxiety and lessened birth trauma.


Support & Adaptability

I am supportive of your unique birth wishes and preferences, regardless of how and where you choose to give birth. Having continued my birth doula support even through the peak of the pandemic, I have become extremely comfortable with adapting to change and leaning into the unknown.



I am a big believer in the importance of agency, especially in the very delicate time of pregnancy and birth. When we move through challenges, with support. We can find our unshakable center. When we know our options and truly understand what’s happening and what choices we have available, we can feel empowered to make decisions in our best interest.


Judgment-Free & Professional

I don’t follow any strict agenda and remain curious about how big moments will unfold for you. I honor each family’s unique path by presenting them with their options and providing evidence-based information. My goal is for you to experience your prenatal, birth and postnatal experience in the most positive way for you.


Network & Connections

I am well connected in the local birth world in Montreal and can provide recommendations for perinatal healthcare practitioners for the families I work with. This includes referrals to lactation consultants, pelvic floor physiotherapists, postpartum doulas, osteopaths, chiropractors, homeopaths, acupuncturists, psychotherapists etc. Choosing to work with the Doula Circle gives you access to a wealth of knowledge and connections that go beyond conventional approaches.


Family Circle Community

They say it takes a village to raise a child. I’m honored to have co-created a village with a *wonderful* community of families. When you decide to have our Doula Circle support you, you're also welcome to join our Family Circle Community for FREE. Since April 2020, we’ve been meeting once a week on Zoom and gathering for park meetups in the warmer months. In our lively and inclusive peer support WhatsApp group, all questions are welcomed and supported. Our community has a range of age groups - from toddlers who are already 3 years old all the way to a 2-week young baby!

There is so much value in connecting with other parents who have babies around similar ages – it helps normalize so many of the challenges and brings more joy into our celebrations. Friendships that are created in this special time in our lives can last a lifetime…

Want to work with me or our Doula Circle?

Reasons to work with Mika
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I feel so incredibly lucky that Mika was our doula. Mika loves what she does - and it shows - as she goes above and beyond for the families she works with. She provided us with support through birth education during pregnancy; and encouragement to put everything in place to create the environment we wanted for baby’s safe and healthy arrival. She is approachable, reliable, an amazing communicator, grounding, supportive, and full of positivity. I was very nervous and scared about birth and having Mika around always made me feel safe, listened to and supported. She is a huge part of the story of how our baby arrived, and why it was such an incredibly positive experience, and I am forever grateful.

Talia Felber
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