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Doula Circle

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In 2022, I came together with a wonderful group of Montreal doulas to create the Doula Circle. Regardless of whether you need birth doula or postpartum doula support, you’ll find just the right fit for you in our Doula Circle. No matter if you choose to give birth in the hospital, in a birthing center or at home, we here to support you and your family in birthing your way.

Somatic Experiencing®

“Be an explorer of self and embark on your healing journey, gently and in growing connection with your wholeness.”

Mika Rock
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Learn and gain awareness Autonomic Nervous System intrinsic capacity to self-regulate

Learn to recognize when you are regulated and what supports you when your not


Receive gentle support in slowly releasing dysregulation


Heal from stress and trauma

Feel more safe in your body and become more autonomous


Feel more vital and connected to your life energy

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What is Somatic Experiencing?

Somatic Experiencing® supports us through the Autonomic Nervous System's intrinsic capacity to self-regulate and heal, helping us move towards a greater feeling of aliveness, acceptance, and connection. SE is a gentle and empowering mind-body approach that taps into your body awareness to address underlying trauma, release tension. A basic premise of the evidence-based SE™ approach is to create a sense of safety in the body and nervous system.


As Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) in training (I’m currently in my advanced 3rd and last year). I have supported over 160 families as their birth doula and have witnessed time and time again how powerful somatic birth healing work can be – not just to help you heal from stress and birth trauma, but also to foster a deeper connection with yourself, your baby and your family.


Somatic Experiencing sessions are for you if you want to feel more at ease in your body during your pregnancy and/or to prep yourself to feel more embodied and safe during labour and birthing. After giving birth, Somatic Birth Integration sessions can help you make sense of and support your overall healing in relation to your birthing experience. Find greater joy and vitality and foster your connection with yourself and bonding with your baby!

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What’s Included

My Somatic Experiencing sessions are specifically tailored to the transformative continuum of becoming a parent.

When your hoping to conceive or are on a fertility journey, SE sessions support you in the release unresolved dysregulation and trauma.

During pregnancy feel more connected to yourself and your baby and prepare yourself for labour and birthing by exploring how you can be more embodied and becoming somatically aware of what supports you feeling safe and calm in your body.

After giving birth Somatic Birth Integration sessions can help you heal from stress and birth trauma, and also foster a deeper connection with yourself, your baby, and your family.

*Your welcome to book your SE sessions once you have completed the first 4-6 weeks after giving birth. In your first 28-40 days of postpartum, your body needs all its available energy to heal from giving birth. And to get to know and take care of your newborn baby.


Free 30-minute discovery call to explore Somatic Experiencing.

Basic package includes 4 sessions of 60 minutes each.


Sessions are offered virtually.



4 sessions

$340 + plus any applicable taxes

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 What is Somatic Birth Integration

During our sessions, we will explore with a comprehensive set of tools that have helped me build my somatic birth integration practice:


Finding initial grounding

Birth narrative (exploring what beliefs you have about birth)

The sequence/ timeline of your labour and birth



Somatic awareness/ nervous system story - Supporting you in releasing the trauma charge, by slow release, repair and integration of your embodied memory of your birthing story

Supporting you in finding and connecting with your resources, your positive felt birthing experiences.


*(At the moment offering, student in training price)!


Disclaimer: I am currently in training to become a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEP) and am offering somatic birth healing sessions at a discounted rate while completing my certification. Please get in touch with me to learn more.


4 sessions

$340 + plus any applicable taxes

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“I felt so lucky to have Mika's support before, during, and after labour - for me, for my partner, for our baby. As someone with a history of painful experiences around mental health, pregnancy and childbirth, I had a lot of fears. Mika provided a wealth of information, tactful yet firm advocacy in the hospital, as well as a deeply grounded, sensitive, loving presence throughout. She used techniques from Somatic Experiencing to help me face my sometimes very intense emotions in our prepartum sessions - and then these came back to be so helpful during the delivery itself. They helped me to connect the different aspects of my experience by finding words to focus my thoughts and efforts, bringing body and mind into relationship, and to touch into a sense of calm and relaxation in moments of rest. Breastfeeding would also have been so much harder without Mika's education and support. I was so touched that she continued to check in with us long after our baby was born. Mika is a fantastic doula, especially if you do have a trauma history that requires extra knowledge and support"

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Lena Byrne
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